Tricia Sullivan

Tricia Sullivan has a BA in Music from Bard College and an MA in Education from Columbia University.  She taught secondary school English in the US before relocating to the UK, where she made a living as a novelist for many years. In 2016 she received her BSc from the Open University while also studying the Liverpool John Moores Distance Learning MSc in Astrophysics. Her MSc project combined optical and infrared data from the SDSS and UKIDSS to establish an upper limit on the number density of compact galaxies in the local Universe.

Tricia joined LIV.DAT in 2017 to work on 'Transient Classification in the LSST Data Deluge' with Professor Iain Steele. The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) will record 15 terabytes of astronomical data per night over a ten year survey. With the aid of the Liverpool Telescope’s data archives, Tricia will test and develop automatic detection methods for variable active galactic nuclei (AGN), which are a major contaminant in the optical detection of transients.



Transient Classification in the LSST Data Deluge