Sean Hughes

Sean graduated with an MPhys in Physics from the University of Liverpool in the summer of 2019. During his final year, he undertook a research project with the Mu3e experiment, which involved data analysis of the simulation of the charged lepton violating decay: Muon decaying to three Electrons. Several aspects of the simulation were studied, including analysis of the performance of the Mu3e detector.

Sean joined the LIV.DAT CDT in October 2019 as a PhD student. He has further taken up research studies with the Mu3e experiment, which will involve development of the Mu3e simulation software, and also analysis of Mu3e first data. This data will be used in validation studies of the simulation with particular regard to the timing responses of various parts of the Mu3e detector.



Investigating Lepton Flavour violating Muon decays with the Mu3e experiment at PSI