Gyanendra Yadav

Gyanendra Yadav received an INSPIRE fellowship in 2011 to join IISER Mohali for his BS-MS dual degree. He completed his MS thesis research on the topic “Generation of Orbital Angular Momentum of Light and its application in Optofluidics”. He received a DST-MPG fellowship to pursue a research project at Femto Second laser lab in IISER Mohali. He presented a poster titled “Multipoint Scanning Liquid Drop Interferometer” at ‘PHOTONICS’ conference, organized by OSA.

Gyanendra had a research placement at Guo China-US Photonics Laboratory, in the field of high harmonic generation.

He joined the Liverpool Big Data Science CDT in December 2018, where he will be working on Dielectric Laser Acceleration in close collaboration with Lancaster University, PSI Switzerland and ASTeC.   



Dielectric laser acceleration of relativistic beams