Fraser Holloway

Fraser graduated in July 2017 with a Nuclear Science BSc degree from Liverpool University. As part of his third-year project Fraser developed novel tomographic reconstruction techniques in the characterisation of unknown radioactive solids.

After his undergraduate degree Fraser worked at Canberra UK on the optimisation of algorithms used in the multi-peak deconvolution of low statistics gamma-ray peaks in high resolution gamma-ray spectra from their Gaseous Activity Monitoring (GAM). The GAM systems are being deployed in advanced gas-cooled reactors operated by EDF Energy Generation Ltd. across the country. As a result of his research, Mirion Technologies have a means of reducing the uncertainty in measurements of the concentration of 133Xe in the reactor coolant gas – a key radioactive fission product used to monitor the health of the reactor fuel assemblies.

Fraser's current work entails the development of topographical data analysis methods for AGATA, teaching computers how to efficiently identify pulse signal data to allow for gamma interactions to be localised in the detector array.



Development of topological data analysis methods for AGATA