Bethany Slater

Bethany (Beth) Slater graduated from the integrated Masters in Physics with Particle Physics and Cosmology at Lancaster University. Her Master’s project looked at studying high energy cosmic rays, as detected by the MINOS Far Detector, with a focus on the anisotropy present in their arrival directions.

In 2020 she undertook an internship project to search MINOS data for astrophysical neutrinos using a variety of techniques comparing locations of the neutrinos (using muon data) and potential astrophysical sources.

Bethany joined the University of Liverpool to begin her PhD in October 2021. Her research is based on neutrino physics at the short-baseline programme at Fermilab. Throughout her PhD, she will perform a joint analysis of several key exclusive final state samples recorded on SBND. As part of her PhD, Bethany will go on a long-term-attachment at Fermilab.



Sterile neutrino search at the Fermilab Short Baseline Neutrino Program