Adam Tarrant

Adam Tarrant studied a Bachelors of physics with particle physics at Royal Holloway, University of London. During the degree he worked on Darkside-20k a next generation dark matter detectors. In this project he helped to develop the understanding, minimisation and mitigation of background in WIMP searches. He continued at Royal Holloway to study a Masters by Research degree focusing on the development of High Pressure Time Projection Chambers (HPTPC) for neutrino searches. This work will be used in the development of the DUNE near detectors. In this work he commissioned an Outer Readout Chamber (OROC) from Alice to begin testing at high pressure. He also developed, built, tested and developed the readout, data processing and analysis software for Gas Electron Multipliers (GEMs) test bed which could be used to form a general purpose HPTPC along with the OROC at the DUNE near detector complex.

In the summer between degree’s he attend the DESY summer school working on the development of the International Linear Detector (ILD) for the proposed International Linear Collider(ILC). During the same summer he worked at CERN collecting beam data for a HPTPC .

Adam joined LIV.DAT and University of Liverpool to study for a PhD in October 2020. He will be working on Super-Kamiokandia (Super-K) and WATCHMAN which are both water Cherenkov detectors.



Supernova Neutrinos and Light Injection Calibration using Water Cherenkov Detectors