Photo of Professor Dharani Hapangama

Professor Dharani Hapangama BSc(Hons) MBChB MD FRCOG

Professor of Gynaecology/Consultant Gynaecological Surgeon Women's & Children's Health


    Selected Publications

    1. Histological3Dreconstruction and<i>in vivo</i>lineage tracing of the human endometrium (Journal article - 2020)
    2. SSEA-1 isolates human endometrial basal glandular epithelial cells: phenotypic and functional characterization and implications in the pathogenesis of endometriosis (Journal article - 2013)
    3. Does human endometrial LGR5 gene expression suggest the existence of another hormonally regulated epithelial stem cell niche? (Journal article - 2018)
    4. Novel microarchitecture of human endometrial glands: implications in endometrial regeneration and pathologies (Journal article - 2022)
    5. Implications of telomeres and telomerase in endometrial pathology (Journal article - 2016)
    6. Human endometrial epithelial telomerase is important for epithelial proliferation and glandular formation with potential implications in endometriosis (Journal article - 2015)
    7. Sustained replication in endometrium of women with endometriosis occurs without evoking a DNA damage response (Journal article - 2009)
    8. Abnormally located SSEA1+/SOX9+ endometrial epithelial cells with a basalis-like phenotype in the eutopic functionalis layer may play a role in the pathogenesis of endometriosis (Journal article - 2019)
    9. Fallopian tube epithelial cells express androgen receptor and have a distinct hormonal responsiveness when compared with endometrial epithelium (Journal article - 2020)
    10. Symptomatology and Serum Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Metabolomics; Do They Predict Endometriosis in Fertile Women Undergoing Laparoscopic Sterilisation? A Prospective Cross-sectional Study (Journal article - 2021)