Luca Christopher Stockhausen

Luca was chosen by the fellows to represent them on the LA³NET Steering Committee for the term of the third year.

Luca Christopher Stockhausen was born in Cologne, Germany. He studied Physics at the University of Liverpool and attained his master’s degree in July 2012. In his master’s thesis he evaluated the feasibility of using a Compton Camera detector system to analyse the gamma radiation released during Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT) to produce an image of the region being treated. BNCT is an advanced approach to treating cancer in humans.  Luca had a strong focus on medical physics and radiotherapy and has been enrolled in various courses in this field.

In the LA³NET project he will investigate particle acceleration for hadron therapy at CLPU and will also be enrolled in the PhD program of the University of Salamanca. In his project he will identify adequate parameter sets, target geometries, and beam shaping and control schemes to obtain proton and ion beams which could be used for nuclear radiotracers at lower energies and therapy at higher energies. This will involve performing simulations of the generation of particle beams by means of plasma codes and experimental studies with the laser systems at CLPU.