STFC - Science and Technology Facilities Council

Contact: Steven Jamison

STFC is the UK organization responsible for providing large scale accelerator facilities within the UK, and UK involvement in international accelerator programs.

The Accelerator Science and Technology Centre (ASTeC) is a distinct department with STFC which has the remit to undertake advanced research and development activities that will allow STFC to provide or contribute to current and future accelerator projects, both with the UK and internationally. ASTeC was responsible for accelerator design work on Diamond, 4GLS and the New Light Source Project, and has contributed to many international projects such as the International Linear Collider and CLIC.

Alice at STFC ASTeC is responsible for the operation, and the setting of R&D priorities, for the ALICE superconducting energy recovery test accelerator at Daresbury Laboratory. It has a lead role in delivering the EMMA project, the worlds first non-scaling FFAG accelerator, in which it has significant responsibility for the accelerator design and construction.

ASTeC will oversee the commission of this unique accelerator during 2010. ASTeC is a core member of the Cockcroft Institute for accelerator research.