Preparing for a new computer

If you have been notified that your current computer is to be replaced with a new one under the scheme, you need to take steps to ensure that you are ready for the exchange to take place.

You must ensure that all data which needs to be moved from the old PC to the new one is backed up so that it can be transferred.

The main areas to consider are:

  • Files and data - Work saved to your M: Drive or a Departmental Drive will be accessible from your new machine without you having to take any action. You need to check for files saved to your C drive or saved on the desktop.
  • Web browser Favorites / Bookmarks - the list of Favorites / Bookmarks in your web browser are stored on the hard drive of your computer (C: drive). Take a back-up and you can then import them to your new computer.
  • Software/devices - if you have installed you own/specialist software that is not provided by IT Services, check that you have the installation media to be able to install it on your new computer.

How do I make sure my data is backed up?

Data Files

To back-up your files and ensure they will be accessible on your new PC, store on your M: Drive or a Departmental Drive. Alternatively, use an external USB drive to temporarily store your files then transfer them to your new PC.

The easiest way to copy files to your M:drive or external USB drive is by using Windows Explorer. Have two windows open - one showing the hard drive e.g. C: and one showing the M: drive. The safest method is to copy:

  • Right click on the folder you wish to copy and choose Copy.
  • Click in the window for the M: drive then choose Edit > Paste from the menu.

Note: If you normally save your files to My Documents, you may have a My Documents shortcut on your desktop. To check whether files in My Documents are already saved on M: (or are on C: and need to be copied), right-click on the My Documents and choose Properties. You will see a path showing where the files are strored. You may need to click on the path and use the left arrow to move to the left to show the beginning of the path.

Ensure you check for any other folders and files you have created yourself on the computer.

IT Services technicians can assist with advice on how to back-up and store your data but cannot be in control or responsible for this operation. You are responsible for managing the information you handle.

Web browser bookmarks/favorites

Your web browser Bookmarks / Favorites are usually stored on the hard drive of your computer so you will need to save a back-up copy to your M: drive or a USB memory stick in order to transfer them to your new computer.

Instructions for saving a copy of your bookmarks will vary, depending on the web browser you use. Search Google to find the steps for your preferred web browser.

Locally installed software/devices

Most of the applications that you use will be either pre-installed on your new PC (for example Microsoft Office) or can be installed via the Install University Applications feature.

If you have installed additional software for University business, you will need the installation media to be able install the software on your new PC.

Make a note of any settings (e.g. screen resolution, wallpaper) or configuration for software so that you can apply the same settings once you have installed the software on your new computer.