Common questions


   Can I order a PC through the Scheme with Computing Services from a different supplier?

The University has an agreement in place with DTP as our primary supplier, providing enterprise level HP equipment. 

All purchases are made via the University's approved suppliers. Note that the agreement does not just apply to hardware. It includes additional services, for example, the equipment is asset tagged and suppliers dispose of waste packaging on behalf of the University.

All the machines are preconfigured with the Managed Windows Service which allows a machine to be plugged in and ready for use in a very short time.

Some people often compare prices available to the general consumer market. The consumer devices are not suitable for an enterprise environment and do not include the necessary warranties and life cycle management elements that the University requires.

   Can I order a different system from Computing Services or vary the specification from those listed?

The systems and specifications available are more than adequate to run the Managed Windows Service which is a requirement for receiving a PC or laptop. There is usually no need to amend the specification. However, it is recognised that in some cases changes may be necessary. If this is the case contact the CSD Service Desk.

   I want to buy accessories and upgrades for my PC Scheme equipment.  Can I order them through Computing Services?

There is no need to have additional items in order to run the Managed Windows Service on the supported systems. Where there are older machines in service that may require an upgrade to the hardware, CSD will provide assistance on how this can best be achieved. For advice on upgrading an older PC, contact the CSD Service Desk.

   Where do I send the ISF and what tax code do I use?

The PC Scheme is based on provision of a desktop computer or standard business laptop to every core member of staff. The cost of providing this is funded by the University. If a higher end laptop or workstation is requested, the difference in price is to be paid by the department using ISF. The ISF for payment should be sent to: -

Business Support Team
Computing Services
University of Liverpool
Brownlow Hill
Liverpool L69 3GG

Please can you ensure the following:

  1. That you mark the VAT box with a ‘U’ for outside scope of normal VAT.
  2. Ensure the accout code and cost centre is complete and the ISF has been signed.
  3. Ensure you note the name of the person who the equipment is for on the ISF

   What is the lead delivery time for my PC?

Under normal circumstances we would expect to receive your machine from the supplier within 10-15 working days of placing the order. Delivery will be to a location provided by the user when the order is initially placed. Sometimes there are unavoidable delays. If you are expecting a PC and it has not arrived, contact the CSD Service Desk and we will check the estimated delivery time for you.

   I think my machine is coming to the end of its useful life. What is the procedure for replacement?

In the vast majority of cases, CSD will inform you when the machine is ready to be replaced. You will be given notice in advance so that you can prepare for your new machine by backing up data that you may have stored on your computer.


   Why hasn’t my monitor been replaced?

For a number of years, CSD have been supplying high quality 19" monitors with PCs. Monitors tend to have a longer useful life than the PC unit. Where the condition of the monitor is deemed suitable for continued use, CSD will not order a replacement. CSD will continue to fully support such equipment and will replace failed items free of charge.

If you can't find the answer to your question contact the CSD Service Desk.