Services for departments

There are several services available to departments including:

  • Obtaining advice and guidance on technologies for proposed systems. Computing Services will also provide a technical assessment of potential systems before they are purchased.
  • A service to manage departmental hardware and operating systems for server-based applications and databases.
  • Additional storage capacity for research projects - for more information about storage capacity for research projects, visit the Research Data Management website.

Server hosting

Computing Services can host virtual (VMware) or physical servers based on departmental requirements, in line with our guidance.

Database hosting

Secure, resilient, managed databases can be hosted for your department on clustered SQL servers or within a VMware server. Database hosting includes installation and on-going database server maintenance by Computing Services.

Departmental file storage

Shared departmental drives can be requested with 1TB of space for files and folders which can be shared with colleagues.

Research Data Management (RDM) storage

By default, 1TB of storage is provided for research projects. To request storage for active research data, complete a request for research data storage. For more information about storing, managing and archiving your research data, visit the Research Data Management website.