Departmental drive

Departments are provided with 1TB of space on a departmental drive. This drive can be used for by the department for its own purposes and may include folders which can be shared with colleagues.

Only members of the University can be given access to this drive so anyone who is not a member of staff or student at the University of Liverpool will be excluded. If you wish to share files with colleagues from other Universities or external partners in industry or commerce then you should consider using a VOCAL site.

Applying for Departmental space

Departmental space is automatically allocated to departments but requires at least one nominated member of staff to be the authorised administrator of the file space. If you do not have access to departmental file space or do not know who your administrator is to grant you access, contact the CSD Service Desk.

Managing your Departmental File Store

Once the departmental file space has been set up the nominated administrator will have full control of the file space and will grant rights to users as decided by the Head of Department. We will of course assist with the mechanics of managing the space to help administrators adopt the correct settings but any disputes about file allocation etc., must be resolved within the department.

If the nominated administrator changes then the Head of department should submit a Change of Ownership form to indicate the change.