Disposing of IT equipment

It is important that all IT equipment used by the University is securely erased and disposed of via the University of Liverpool contracted IT asset disposal partner. The removal of redundant IT equipment in a legal and environmentally responsible manner is a requirement under WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) guidance.

University Policy (Data Protection, Information Security and Information & Records Management) requires that University data is securely erased and securely disposed of at end of use.

This service is for IT equipment only: Please refer to our redundant IT asset disposal guidance to find out what items are eligible for disposal, and which items are not in scope for this service.

Collections of redundant data bearing IT equipment are free for operational units to arrange directly with the University contracted IT asset disposal partner. Requests should be submitted via a nominated contact within your faculty. Refer to the IT asset disposal faculty contact list to find out with whom to get in touch.

Why we recycle redundant IT equipment

Where possible, all University procured data bearing IT equipment is repaired with the aim of maximising re-use. The University also makes charitable donations of IT equipment through our disposal partner.

Any items that cannot be refurbished are broken down into their component parts and recycled. Doing this safely is important, as IT equipment contains many toxic substances such as arsenic, bromine, cadmium, hydro chlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), lead and mercury.