About sponsorship

Sponsorship is when an organisation or company agrees to provide financial assistance to students while they study.

The University of Liverpool works with a large number of sponsorship bodies. This includes government ministries and embassies, public and private organisations, and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). 

We greatly value our relationships with our sponsorship partners and provide a bespoke service. We:

  • Have a dedicated contact and email account for sponsors and sponsored students
  • Provide academic updates at specific times of the year
  • Send transcripts and progress reports at the end of semesters
  • Organise visits to the University of Liverpool to meet with sponsored students and their tutor/supervisor
  • Invite sponsors to graduation ceremonies.

Are you a sponsor looking to work with us?

If you don't currently work with the University of Liverpool but would like to find out more about registering your students or employees on one of our courses, please contact us at sponsors@liverpool.ac.uk 

Our team would be delighted to provide you with further information and arrange a visit to your headquarters, or representative office in the UK. We'd like to learn about your specific needs and tailor our service to best suit you.

Visit us

If you'd like to come to the University, email the team at sponsors@liverpool.ac.uk and we'd be happy to arrange a visit for you.

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