Mentorship scheme for Academic Clinical Fellows

The aim of the mentorship scheme is to provide ACFs with additional support separate from their formal clinical and academic supervision. A mentor will be an experienced researcher, and as such in a position to offer an independent, objective perspective on issues related to working within the research field.

The aim of the mentorship scheme is to provide the ACF with:

  • The opportunity to discuss any issues in a confidential environment
  • The opportunity to receive impartial guidance on career development and planning
  • The opportunity to gain insights into life as a researcher from an independent perspective
  • The opportunity to reflect on their progress and experiences from the programme
  • The opportunity to explore options and consider different courses of action

Mentors are not expected to:

  • Make decisions for mentees, or act on their behalf
  • Become involved in issues relating directly to the management and content of the mentee’s research
  • Provide academic or clinical tuition

Mentors are expected to:

  • Be willing to draw on own experiences
  • Be non-judgemental and non-directive
  • Be approachable and enthusiastic
  • Signpost mentees to sources of information, people and networks
  • Have commitment to the scheme

The extent of the mentor-mentee relationship is dependent on the mentor-mentee. The number and frequency of meetings is to be negotiated to meet the needs of the mentee. Meetings can be on a regular or ad hoc basis, and can be in person or by phone/ email.

It is the responsibility of the mentee to make initial contact with their mentor and to set up an introductory meeting. At this meeting, a ‘mentoring contract’ should be agreed, which will clearly set out the purpose, boundaries and limitations of the mentoring relationship.