What are Clinical Research Training Fellowships?

Clinical Research Training Fellowships (CRTFs) are highly prestigious and provide the salary and project support required to undertake a higher research degree (PhD or MD). However, clinicians can undertake doctorates with other sources of funding (eg. a project grant or a clinical trial).

All future senior clinical academics need to complete a doctoral degree during their training. This degree is usually undertaken full time (outside of ICAT) and usually takes place after completion of an ACF post.

Funding and support

The fellowship will cover your salary, degree registration and travel costs and contribute to the cost of your research project.

A CRTF usually last for 3 years and allows you to register for a PhD.

Trainees can choose to continue undertaking up to two half-day clinical sessions per week during their fellowship, in order to maintain clinical competencies.

How to apply

You must complete an application form, which describes you as a candidate and outlines your proposed research project and supervisory team.

Shortlisted applicants are invited to interview and ICAT tries to organise mock interviews to prepare those selected.

Securing a CRTF appointment is extremely competitive. It is an advantage to already hold a higher degree such as an MRes, MPhil or MSc, and be able to demonstrate evidence of research activity, particularly authorship of peer-reviewed publications.

CRTFs are available through various national organisations and charities, including NIHR, Wellcome Trust and MRC. For further information about each scheme and to find out how to apply see: