Our research

Our Faculty of Health and Life Sciences delivers world-class research, providing one of the largest concentrations of health and life science expertise in the UK. Our Integrated Clinical Academic Training (ICAT) trainees work at the forefront of our research studies.

The University has an excellent track record in taking ICAT trainees through to appointment in senior academic roles, within our institution and other academic providers.

To date, ICAT trainees participating in Academic Clinical Fellowships and Academic Clinical Lecturer posts have demonstrated success in a number of research specialties. These are detailed below along with links to the leading academics profiles.

Research specialties

Child Health – Respiratory

Dr. Calum Semple, Dr. Paul McNamara

, Dr. Kevin Southern

Child Health - Infectious Diseases Child Health – Rheumatology Dr. Melissa Gladstone, Prof. Michael Beresford
Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics Prof. Munir Piromohamed

Sondos Albadri  sondos@liverpool.ac.uk


Diabetes and Endocrinology Prof. John Wilding
ENT/OMFS Prof. Richard ShawProf. Terry Jones
Gastroenterology Prof. Mark Pritchard, Prof. Chris Probert
General Practice Prof. Mark Gabbay
General Surgery Prof. Robert Sutton
Haematology Prof. Andrew Pettitt
Infectious Diseases Prof. Neil FrenchProf. Saye Khoo
Medical Microbiology Prof. Nigel Cunliffe
Neurology Prof. Tom SolomonProf. Tony Marson
Obstetrics and Gynaecology Prof. Zarko Alfirevic, Dr. D. Hapangama, Prof. Andrew Weeks
Ophthalmology Prof. Stephen Kaye, Prof. Simon Harding,
Palliative Medicine Prof. John Ellershaw
Public Health Prof. Margaret Whitehead
Respiratory Medicine Dr. Dan Wootton
Trauma and Orthopaedics Prof. Daniel Perry