Dr Neil Blake BSc, PhD

Senior Lecturer Clinical Infection, Microbiology & Immunology


    Selected Publications

    1. Identification of novel CD8+ T cell epitopes in human herpesvirus 6B U11 and U90 (Journal article - 2015)
    2. CD8 T Cell Recognition of Endogenously Expressed Epstein-Barr Virus Nuclear Antigen 1 (Journal article - 2004)
    3. Reduction in RNA Levels Rather than Retardation of Translation Is Responsible for the Inhibition of Major Histocompatibility Complex Class I Antigen Presentation by the Glutamic Acid-Rich Repeat of Herpesvirus Saimiri Open Reading Frame 73 (Journal article - 2009)
    4. TAP-independent antigen presentation on MHC class I molecules: lessons from Epstein–Barr virus (Journal article - 2003)
    5. Human CD8 + T Cell Responses to EBV EBNA1: HLA Class I Presentation of the (Gly-Ala)–Containing Protein Requires Exogenous Processing (Journal article - 1997)