Photo of Dr Joanne Turner

Dr Joanne Turner PhD

Research Associate Livestock & One Health


Personal Statement

Joanne graduated from the University of Liverpool in 1996 with a BSc (Hons) in Mathematics, and again in 2000 with a PhD entitled "Temporal and Spatial Host-Pathogen Models with Diverse Types of Transmission".

Joanne joined the Epidemiology group in 2000 as a mathematical modeller on the DEFRA-funded Veterinary Research Fellowship in Epidemiology. Her task was to investigate the transmission of E. coli O157 in a typical UK dairy herd. She then went on to investigate the role of contact behaviour in the transmission of E. coli O157 between individual animals, as part of the VTRI project. This was followed by a period working on a Leverhulme Trust-funded project investigating the effects of climate change on the transmission on vector-borne diseases, in particular bluetongue. Currently, she is modelling the transmission of liver fluke in cattle and sheep, as part of the EU-funded PARAVAC project, and the transmission of bluetongue and Schmallenberg viruses, as part of a BBSRC-funded project.