Photo of Dr Peta Bulmer

Dr Peta Bulmer PhD

Honorary Research Fellow (ACE) and Faculty Impact Fellow (HSS) Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


Personal Statement

Peta Bulmer is an early career researcher specialising in mortuary analysis and the archaeology of social change in Late Bronze Age Greece.

She completed her PhD at the University of Liverpool in 2016, with a thesis entitled "Death in post-palatial Greece: Reinterpreting burial practices and social organisation after the collapse of the Mycenaean palaces". A synopsis of this research was published in 2020. After her PhD, she became the post-doctoral research associate on the Grand Designs in Ancient Greece school education project. Collaborative publications address ancient and modern pedagogy, and evidence for learning and play in domestic and mortuary contexts in ancient Greece.

She has also worked at the University of Liverpool in museum education and research impact roles, and as an Honorary Research Fellow in Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology at Liverpool, she is currently working on a re-analysis of the post-palatial cemetery at Perati, and especially what it meant to be “Mycenaean” before and after the collapse of the palace system. As a Faculty Impact Fellow, she also supports and promotes researchers in making social and economic impact with academic research throughout the faculty of Humanities and Social Science.

Grand Designs in Ancient Greece