Dr Leona Vaughn PhD

Derby Research Fellow Politics


Research Overview

Leona has worked on a number of successful interdisciplinary projects as a researcher within the University of Liverpool including researching knowledge production of ‘Cancer and Inequalities in Liverpool’ with SSPC and Public Health; ‘The Role of People and Place in Neighbourhood Identity: Belonging and Social Inclusion’ with SSPC and Geography; and ‘Clothes, Chocolate and Children: Realising the Transparency Dividend’ in the Department of Politics.

Recently she was the Post Doctoral Research Associate on the GCRF/AHRC 'Exploring Safeguarding' project with the Antislavery Knowledge Network https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/politics/research/research-projects/akn/akn-safeguarding/ and Research Director for a consultancy with Professor Alex Balch to research and develop guidance on safeguarding in international research for the UK Collaborative on Development Research (UKCDR) https://www.ukcdr.org.uk/resource/guidance-on-safeguarding-in-international-development-research/Current research 'COVID-19 and Racialised Risk Narratives in South Africa, Ghana and Kenya'

Anticolonial methodologies; 'safeguarding'; 'modern slavery'; racialisation; children/young people; 'risk' and 'risk-work'