Photo of Dr Claire Jones

Dr Claire Jones PhD

Senior Lecturer Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


    Gender and science in the 19th century

    The intersections of science, society and culture in Britain in the 19th and early 20th centuries, specifically with reference to understandings of gender, both femininity and masculinity, and ideas of the ‘gendered intellect’. My current research focuses on two areas: Gender and engagement with the Royal Society and other learned societies and women and science in literature. I am presently writing a book on women of late Victorian science.

    Research Grants
    • The Women in Science Research Network (WISRNet)
    Research Collaborations

    Dr Sue Hawkins

    External: Kingston University

    Women in Science Research Network (WISRNet): AHRC funded 'science in culture' project.

    Dr Felicity Henderson

    External: Royal Society

    AHRC-funded 'science in culture' project: Women in Science Research Network (WISRNet) 1830-2000.

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