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Dr Richard Benjamin tells us about his new podcast The Kinways Black Museology Podcast:

"The Kinways Black Museology podcast is one of several outputs during my professorship, including public lectures and events (such as a talk for the international summer school cohort and Q & A with Fion Gunn -  Artist in Residence at the Institute of Irish Studies).

I will be talking with a broad range of guests, from museum thinkers and practitioners, artists, community activists, and historians - on subjects relating to Black museology (the study of museums and their development and operation) and the associated museum practices.    

In particular, the creation of Black Museums and Black cultural spaces and the connected social, artistic, and cultural movements; decolonizing museums, galleries, and archives; and the importance of lived experiences.   In the first episode, I am talking with Zandra Yeaman - Curator of Discomfort at the Hunterian, University of Glasgow. In later episodes - I am joined by Dr. Mark Sealy, Director of Autograph (the Association of Black Photographers), and Dr. Njabulo Chipangura, Curator of Living Cultures at Manchester Museum.  

I hope the podcast has a wide appeal and is of interest to students in a number of Schools as well as colleagues in the Department of Libraries, Museums & Galleries. I also believe it will complement the university-wide commitment to greater diversity and an inclusive curriculum."

Learn more about the podcast and listen to the first episode here.

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