Networking workshop on the theme of 'Heritage'

The School of Histories, Languages and Cultures is holding a networking event on the theme of ‘Heritage’ on Wednesday, 22 April, between 2pm and 4pm in the first floor space at Vine Court.

The event will bring together researchers whose research area links to any aspect of Heritage, to build on considerable existing strength, particularly across humanities and social science disciplines at the University. Discussions will draw together interdisciplinary synergies and explore future collaboration likely to include production of research outputs, generation of impact and externally funded projects.


Heritage is a subject which highlights aspects of the past now active in the present, and can be tangible – such as physical objects, structures or landscapes – or intangible – including music, dance, and ways of doing such as cooking, farming or traditional medicine. Heritage is often cultural heritage, but also includes natural features, landscapes, and ecological systems. Research may consider how this heritage is valued and used in the present, or may examine heritage protection and management, and how this could be better achieved. There are many intersections between natural and cultural heritage, tangible and intangible heritage, and between public policy and heritage management. Professional practice from digital or physical archives management, conservation architecture and planning, and archaeological or ecological management, are also aspects of heritage well represented in the University in both teaching and research.


The purpose of this networking event is to identify the range of expertise and experience already operating across the diverse field of Heritage within the University, and for those with areas of interest that could be applied to Heritage to meet potential collaborators. The opportunities for synergy within heritage are very considerable, and will allow us to maximise its potential for collaboration with a wide range of external partners, including cultural (e.g. museums and galleries) and those in the private sector. It is intended that this will the first in a series of events aimed at establishing Heritage as a dynamic, fruitful theme.

Expressions of interest

Expressions of interest should be sent to Professor Harold Mytum in the first instance. It may be helpful to outline your research interests and a few ideas for potential disciplinary collaboration.