Building Data Ecosystems to Unlock the Value of Urban (Big) Data

In March 2020, with support from the University of Liverpool's Industrial Strategy Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF), the Heseltine Institute launched two reports to support and inform the 'smart city' agenda in the Liverpool City Region.

Building Data Ecosystems to Unlock the Value of Urban (Big) Data: A Good Practices Reference Guide

The purpose of this Good Practices Reference Guide is to profile successful and well-regarded 'smart city' experiments and data ecosystem building projects in 'lighthouse cities', with a focus principally (but not exclusively) upon European cities.

We anticipate that this guide will prove instructive for stakeholders in Liverpool City Region, as they too work to build the city region’s digital and data infrastructures and capabilities.
A Position Statement: Building a Data Ecosystem in Liverpool City Region to Unlock the Value of Big (Local) Data

The institute has published this parallel Position Statement to highlight the key lessons extracted from the Good Practices Reference Guide.

We are conscious that many local institutions, businesses and civil society groups have much to say on this topic. Our contribution is therefore strictly exploratory and confined to furnishing the local conversation with evidence, food for thought, and perhaps even a little inspiration.

Interested readers can also consult the following briefing note on the key case studies profiled by the reference guide.