Lily: “So much of my Liverpool experience was made possible thanks to you”

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Student Lily on campus
Lily, third year Sociology and History student

The Liverpool Bursary supports around a third of all Liverpool undergraduate students. Lily, one of the Bursary’s recipients, is a young carer for her mum. When she found out she had received a place to study in Liverpool, she was worried about how she would pay her way. Now in her final year, she reflects on her time at university and how receiving the Bursary has helped shape her Liverpool experience.

"My name is Lily I am third year Sociology and History student and a Liverpool Bursary recipient. As I approach my final months at University, I wanted to write to you as a donor of the Student Fund to let you know how you have supported me throughout my three years at Liverpool.

The past couple of months have been particularly stressful – with exams, assignments, and other commitments such as looking for summer internships and figuring out what to do after I graduate. But whilst I have worked throughout my time at university, I have been able to cut down greatly on my hours and focus on my studies thanks to the Liverpool Bursary. If I didn’t receive this funding, money would have been a big worry of mine and I would have struggled, I would have had to work more hours and maybe even drop out.

I am so grateful to people like you who so generously donate because it really does create an inclusive environment across the university. Without you, I would never have been able to visit the University of Georgia (UGA) which truly opened many doors for me. The trip was truly life changing - never would I have thought that I could experience something like this. We were originally a group of 20 students who did not know each other and now we are best friends for life. Each one of us had a story and a reason for being accepted onto the trip, making it even more special.

I am excited to begin a summer internship as a heritage consultant, allowing me to explore this as a future career. I might then go on to pursue a masters in heritage and conservation if this is something that I really enjoy. If I decide not to pursue a masters, I would love to work and travel for the next few months in Australia or New Zealand, experiencing new cultures and parts of the world. After my summer at UGA, I developed a passion for travelling the world and an appetite for learning.

During my time at University, I also worked as a Student Fundraiser talking to alumni and supporters from all over the country. I had some interesting conversations with alumni who shared some of their incredible life experiences with me over the phone. I felt so lucky to be a part of something so meaningful and important, raising funds for students who need it to better focus on their studies. Some of my favourite conversations were with alumni who attended the University when the Beatles were around. I found it fascinating - particularly considering the global stardom that the band achieved following their humble beginnings in Liverpool. The best piece of advice that I received from these conversations was to just try my best because that is really all that I can do and to just say ‘yes’ to things.

Your support has positively impacted my time here and I would like to say thank you. So much of my Liverpool experience was made possible thanks to you"

Many of the opportunities available to students today are made possible thanks to alumni and friends who support the Student Fund. To find out more about the Fund and how you can support students like Lily, visit our webpage.