Student Stories: "Thank you for your generosity, your support has been invaluable"

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The Student Fund exists to ensure every deserving student receives help when they need it the most. With the rise of cost-of-living more and more students are facing unexpected financial hardships leaving them uncertain about their futures.

Through donations to the Student Fund, we’re able to provide more hardship grants to help students overcome their financial worries providing them with a safety net. The Hardship Fund provides support to students no matter their background or personal circumstances so they can continue their studies without worrying about their finances.

First year Italian student Bonnie is a single mum, mature student, and recipient of the Hardship Fund. Hear from Bonnie on how your support helped her when she faced unexpected financial hardship:

“My time at the university has been enlightening, interesting, and valuable. I enjoyed learning about the history and culture of Italy while studying the Italian language. One of my course highlights was practicing my Italian while visiting Venice, I truly felt absorbed in the Italian culture.

Being a mature student, a single parent of two boys and trying to become financially independent can be challenging. I struggled in managing my debts and unexpected costs, the Hardship Fund made a significant difference in my life.

The support provided by the Student Fund had been invaluable to me, it took a lot of the financial burden away which meant I could spend more time focussing on my studies and supporting my boys. I am grateful for your generosity and support, as a mature student and a single parent your support has been life changing.

I encourage any mature students reading this to pursue their educational journey, support is available, and it makes the biggest difference. As for my plans after graduation, I am considering teaching or translation roles, but I am still exploring all the different possibilities.”

Hardship can impact students from different backgrounds and at any time in their Liverpool journey. Fleeing his home country to continue his educational journey as an asylum seeker, a first year Aerospace Engineering student shares his story and how the impact of your generosity helped him overcome financial struggles:

“Fleeing the unsafe conditions in my home country to come to England at the age of 17 was challenging. Leaving my family and friends behind, I had many worries about my future.. The first couple of months as an asylum seeker were difficult, from moving to different accommodations to waiting months to get a decision on my application.

Deciding to continue my studies, I started learning English but unfortunately my diploma was not accepted in the UK. As challenging as it was, I had to sit the GCSE’s and A Level exams while working full-time to support my family back home. Due to the language barrier, I did not pass all subjects. Although it was a difficult time in my life, I did not give up and managed to pass the resits in the second year achieving the grades I needed to study at Liverpool.

I was the happiest man on the planet to have the opportunity to study at Liverpool, my passion was aerospace engineering and getting the opportunity to study it was a blessing. First year was challenging, the pandemic happened, and I received devastating news of a close family member’s sickness.

The Hardship Fund allowed me to quit my two jobs and focus my energy on studying. It’s very difficult to be burdened by financial problems and focus on the future at the same time. After completing my bachelor’s degree, I am hoping to pursue my passion for Aerospace Engineering by completing a master’s degree.

I am very grateful for the financial support provided to me, without the Hardship Fund I would have had to drop out of university. I hope that one day I will be able to give back to the Student Fund to support students like me, no student deserves to go through this financial stress. Thank you for your generosity and for allowing students like me to continue their educational journey.”

Thank you to all supporter community for their kindness and generosity, we couldn’t have done it without your support. If you would like to find about more about the Student Fund or to donate, please visit our webpage.