Alumni and Friends Fund grant supports eight projects

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University of Liverpool Motorsport team (ULM) at Silverstone
University of Liverpool Motorsport team (ULM) at Silverstone

The Alumni and Friends Fund grant is made possible thanks to the generous donations from our supporter community. Each year, a portion of funds raised through the Student Fund is made available to support experience enhancing projects across the University. This academic year, eight projects were successful in receiving the grant.

University of Liverpool Motorsport (ULM)

University of Liverpool Motorsport team (ULM)

ULM are a team of 25 third and fourth-year mechanical and industrial engineers, all representing the University of Liverpool in the global Formula Student competition. Formula Student UK is an international competition in which top engineering students design, build and race a single-seater racing car. This year the team will present their first ever running electric car at the competition. The team were successful in their bid to purchase a new laptop which will help them record vital data analysis such as sensor readings, motor performance and lap times, which can all be used to improve the performance of their car. The team will also use their grant to replace a tent—every year at the competition, the team camps on a field near Silverstone Circuit. Unfortunately, due to harsh weather conditions this year, the current tents were damaged and are now unfit for use. Without tents, the team would not be able to travel to the competition.

“On behalf of everyone at ULM, I want to express our deepest gratitude for your generous donation to our team. Your support means a lot to us and will have a profound impact on not only our success but also the success of future ULM generations. The grant provides us students with numerous opportunities that would not be possible without your contributions. We recognise the significance of enabling these opportunities, so we assure you that your investment in our team will be appreciated with hard work and dedication while representing our institution in front of hundreds of universities at the competition”

University of Liverpool Karate Club

Members of the Karate Club

The Karate club is made up of 35 students across different disciplines. Training sessions take place three times a week, with some members training for the BUCS (British Universities & College Sport) competition. The club was successful in receiving funding to replace old and worn training equipment including shin guards, gloves and mitts ahead of their BUCS competition. The new equipment will allow the club to continue training safely and welcome new members.

“Thank you very much for your generous support, we appreciate it. This funding will benefit everyone in the club and anyone interested in exploring karate. This equipment will make the training more fun and engaging, and help take our current and future members’ skills to the next level”

Other projects supported by the grant include:

  • The Department of English received funding to pilot a Career Impact Day which will benefit 60 students. Students will attend a day long event run by the Everyman and Playhouse where they will have the opportunity to attend three workshops run by theatre practitioners. 
  • The Liverpool University Boat Club received the award to purchase a new set of oars
  • The Flight Simulation Group received funding to refurbish their flight simulation lab and replace ageing and obsolete hardware
  • The Solar Chiller team were awarded funding to support a trip to Zanzibar and Tanzania. The team is currently building and refining a prototype product design for a solar-powered refrigeration unit made from sustainable methods. Their goal is to be able to provide this unit to the Mtule Amcos farming co-operative based in Zanzibar
  • The School of Architecture received funding to support a project to celebrate the 25 anniversary of the twinning of Liverpool and Shanghai. Students will work with local communities in Chinatown in designing a set of artefacts to show a history of racial dynamics in Liverpool
  • The Institute of Irish Studies received funding to recruit and train a team of 12 students to support the Beckett Festival Unbound 2024. The festival will take place from May 31 - June 8 and will explore Samuel Beckett’s fascination with communication and technology across a varied and vibrant programme of theatre, music, film, dance and discussion.

The Alumni and Friends Fund grant is made possible thanks to the generosity of our supporter community. On behalf of this year’s recipients, thank you.

To find out how you can provide support to Liverpool students, please visit the Student Fund webpage.