As demand for student support increases, you can be the difference

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Students walking in front of the Victoria Gallery and Museum

It's a challenging time for students everywhere. Over the past year, the demand for emergency hardship funding has tripled and financial concerns have emerged as one of the biggest worries for students. Around a third of our UK undergraduates at Liverpool currently rely on a £2,000 annual bursary designed for students with household incomes below £25,000.

For many of our students, the journey to higher education can be filled with challenges. Sarah, Widening Participation Scholarships Officer said “Demand vastly outstrips supply. As the cost of living continues to bite, more and more students are coming to our team in need of financial support”.

The crucial second semester

The second semester, or the first ‘100 days’ of University can be a difficult time for some students. Sarah added “January is definitely a pressure point. Everything happens quite quickly. You’ve got exams, you’ve got the start of your second semester of modules, a whole separate set of workloads, you’ve got to think about your second-year accommodation. Christmas might have been really tough for some students who are unable to go home.

Without support throughout the whole year, some of our most vulnerable students may fall behind in their studies, miss out on vital opportunities, or even drop out altogether."

A survey by the National Union of Students found a growing culture of part-time work among students. More than two-thirds taking on part-time jobs, with nearly all working more hours this year to help cover spiralling costs. Almost one in five of those who worked were on more than 20 hours a week and more than a third said it has a negative impact on their studies.

Jake a recent graduate in Medicine said "Without the grant, I would have had to work every hour available outside of doing a full-time placement and undertaking the intense studying needed to make it through medical school. You provided a lifeline and I was able to focus on studying and pass my exams. This summer I graduated as a doctor, something that might not have happened without the grant. Thank you so much for your generosity.”

You can be the difference  

You can be the difference to a student when they need it most. Your gift to the Student Fund will:

  • Support where it's needed most: Your generosity will fund hardship grants, annual bursaries, and scholarships for talented students from under-represented groups
  • Lessen financial worries: Your donations will cover students' bills and essentials, allowing them to focus on their studies rather than working long hours in part-time jobs to make ends meet
  • Unlock opportunities: Your gifts will empower students to say 'yes' to career-shaping and life-enriching opportunities, without worrying about financial barriers
  • Tackle tough times: Your support will help students navigate the toughest winter months, ensuring they have the financial security to cover essential costs, purchase textbooks and equipment and stay on their course

Demand for financial support consistently exceeds our supply. With your support today, we can ensure that every deserving student receives the help they urgently need. To donate or find out more visit the Student Fund website.