Donor Stories: Why I support the Student Fund

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The Quad on campus with students

The collective generosity from alumni and friends makes much of what we do possible, including providing a lifeline to students in need, through the Student Fund.

The Student Fund ensures that all students, regardless of background have the opportunity to go to university - and are supported every step of the way. From emergency grants and scholarships to support for health and wellbeing – it ensures no student is left behind.

Hear from some of our donors, who have been inspired to give back to help the next generation of Liverpool students:

 “I was an Archaeology student back in the 1980s. A generous donor had given the University funds so that the Egyptology students could travel to Egypt on a study tour during the summer break of their second year. Four of us went and it changed our lives. Prior to that, I hadn’t even been on a plane, so you can imagine how I felt when we touched down in Cairo. I wouldn’t have been able to go without that amazingly generous financial support. I have no idea who the donor was but I treasure the memories and adventures they allowed us to have to this day.

I’m really saddened to hear that so many students are struggling at the moment but am really pleased that you and your team are being so proactive in providing assistance. They are our future. They deserve all the help we can give”. Liz Scott, Archaeology 1987 and donor

“I am very happy to be able to help those less fortunate than myself, who, as a student in the 1950s had no fees to pay and was adequately (though hardly lavishly) supported by a scholarship. Of course, there were far fewer of us, which meant that many of my generation who would have benefited from a University education and experience did not have the same opportunity. I was one of the lucky few and I am grateful for that”. John Lewis, BEng Marine Engineering 1955 and regular donor

“I loved my time at Liverpool, many years ago. The University is very special to me. Starting in September, my niece has decided to follow in my footsteps and has an unconditional offer for English Literature at Liverpool. She is very excited, moving from a small village in Oxfordshire to the wonderful city of Liverpool. With my niece in mind, I thought I should, in some small way, put some money aside, to support the students who need help. This is a tough time. I know my niece has chosen the best University and the best city to take her studies further. I hope she enjoys her time as much as I did in the 80’s.” Helen Dickinson BA Bachelor of Arts 1985 and regular donor

“Having received support in my final year at Liverpool, when I needed it most, I know how even the small things can be transformational.” Gareth Lamb, MChem 2003 and donor

Would you like to share your reason for giving? We’d love to hear from you! Please contact us at  If you would like to find out more about the Student Fund, please visit our webpage.