Hear from the students whose lives you’ve changed through the Student Fund

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Through the Student Fund we are ensuring that students who find themselves in times of unexpected financial hardship are not alone. One of the ways in which we do this is through the Hardship Fund. The Hardship Fund works to ensure that students are not prevented from finishing their studies due to unexpected financial hardship.

The Hardship Fund helps students reach their full potential, no matter their personal circumstances. The University of Liverpool is proud to have students from all walks of life, and seeks to support them at all stages of their education. The generosity of our alumni and friends transforms lives, so please read on to hear directly from the students who have been impacted by your generosity.

As he entered his final year studying Medicine, Jake (MBChB Medicine, 2023) found himself facing unexpected hardship:

"Without the grant I would have had to work every hour available outside of doing a full-time placement and undertaking the intense studying needed to make it through medical school. You provided a lifeline and I was able to focus on studying and pass my exams. This summer I graduated as a doctor, something that might not have happened without the grant. Thank you so much for your generosity. You’ve prevented financial hardship from stopping me from achieving my dream.”

Your generosity is supporting students like Jake and also Justice, who is currently studying for a PHD in Archives and Records Management. Justice began his studies in 2019 and is due to graduate in May 2024. Justice, like many of our students, was impacted by the rising cost of living and the pandemic, with the pandemic also leading him to lose his part-time job as a library assistant.  The Hardship Grant meant Justice was able to offset a one-time unexpected increase in rent bills, and his dream of graduating in May 2024 can be achieved.

Justice described studying here as the most exciting moment of his life, praising the Liverpool community for making him feel so welcome and supported, whilst providing a hub of professional career development. Having benefited from his time at the University Justice hopes to be in a position where he can be part of future fund raising, paying the generosity he received forward and ensuring that future students can finish their education, no matter their personal circumstances. Your generosity has truly left its mark on Justice:

“A philanthropic gesture can change the path of a person, socially, emotionally and mentally. Going on, I am determined to continue from my current role as an assistant professor teaching in the University system to improve lives and build future careers. I am eternally grateful to the donors of the Fund. Thank you for giving me hope and supporting those who need it. You might not realise the impact of your support but you are helping students achieve milestones and impacting future generations. Your donations are leaving a lasting legacy. Thank you to each and every one of you.”

Hardship can impact students at any time in their Liverpool journey, such as Bonnie, who found herself facing multiple unexpected costs at once. Thanks to your kindness Bonnie is looking forward to starting her second year studying Italian. As a mature student, and single mum to two young boys, Bonnie found herself unsure of how to cope:

“The financial assistance I received has meant I am able to study without financial worry and continue with the course. It really has been a godsend, as a single mum of two growing boys, there are always things to buy and emergency items that crop up. The money has helped me to ensure I can learn and take care of my family. I cannot thank the University enough for this support.”

Bonnie, Justice and Jake may all have different stories, passions, dreams and circumstances, but they all play their part in making Liverpool the community it is, and with your support they will continue to pursue their dreams and go out and change the world.

Liverpool is a University for all, no matter your background. Your support helps to ensure that the University continues to stop financial hardship from preventing our students from reaching their full potential. Thank you to our alumni and friends for your generosity.

Thank you to all alumni who have supported the campaign; as you can see, your generosity truly makes a difference.

To learn more about the work of the Student Fund, and help students like Jake, see here.