Liverpool Calling!

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Our team of student callers is looking forward to speaking to you as part of our annual telephone campaign

We are grateful to our supporter community, who, each year, enable so many projects and activities to take place, making the University of Liverpool so special.

As well as thanking you for your support, students will also be updating you on how your support has made a difference and talking to you about this year’s focus, the Student Fund. The Student Fund was launched last year in response to the increasing demand for support in light of the cost of living crisis and current world affairs. Amongst the hardest hit are people who have left care, are estranged from their families or are fleeing conflict and disaster worldwide.

Third year, PhD student Anjum said: “This will be my second year working in the call team and connecting with alumni is the best part of the job. I’m looking forward to hearing your post-graduation stories of employment, further study and travel, and being inspired by your success, all whilst helping the University to raise funding for important research, scholarships and student support.”

Every gift, regardless of size, makes a big difference, and every conversation leaves a big impact on our callers. If you are able to take the time to have a call with one of our students, we thank you very much for being part of this year's campaign.

If you would like any more information about the campaign or how you can get involved with the University please visit the Student Fund webpage or email us via: