University launches new appeal to support students over winter

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The University of Liverpool has launched a new winter fundraising appeal to help support students in the wake of the cost-of-living crisis and current world affairs over the next few months.

Through the Student Fund, we will be supporting some of the hardest hit students. These include students who are from low-income backgrounds, care-leavers or those estranged from their families. Students with caring responsibilities who can’t work because they might be providing care to a disabled or sick parent. Asylum seekers feeling conflict and disaster worldwide, who haven’t got anyone else to rely on in the UK. Mature students trying to support a family, alongside bettering themselves and their children’s futures.

The need is greater than ever

The University has set aside an emergency support package for students totalling £1.5 million including greater bursary support for our most vulnerable students, investment in additional staff resources, and an additional £1 million in hardship funding, but the need to support students is greater than ever. A third of students today are living on less than £50 a month after paying rent and bills. One in ten students are accessing food banks. Student rent has jumped nearly 30% in Liverpool in the last year. The cost of bills and their weekly shop is soaring. On average, students' maintenance loans fall £439 short each month.

Around the world, an astonishing 1 in 88 people have been forced to flee their homes due to persecution, war and violence. Recent conflicts in countries such as Afghanistan, Ukraine and Syria have disrupted the lives of so many talented students who deserve a chance to further their careers and be the best they can be.

Your impact

From providing emergency grants in times of unexpected financial hardship to bursaries that ensure income doesn’t affect opportunity, your support is changing lives. Third year Law student Julia said: “I felt so relieved. I was able to fill the fridge, get my laundry credit and most importantly finally not stress about my living conditions. The support was, and still is, life changing for me. I don’t worry about what I am going to eat, I can focus on university.”

How you can help

In the face of mounting challenges for students this year, your support will ensure that no student is left behind. This winter, you will help to support emergency grants for students facing unexpected financial hardship, scholarships and bursaries for students who would otherwise miss out on the transformative experience of a Liverpool education, and support for health and wellbeing, skills development and more.
Widening Participation Manager, Deonne Hill, said: “For many of our students, we are the only people they can turn to in a crisis. I might be the only person they know outside of their course. And when we see those students come through all that adversity on the other side, with a degree and real potential for the future, it’s truly rewarding.”

Can you offer a lifeline to students who are struggling? Donate today and help a student thrive at Liverpool. Please consider making a regular gift to help provide long-term support and opportunities to all students.