June's gift to help young people reach their Future Goals

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Caroline June Ilott as a young girl
Caroline 'June' Ilott as a young girl (middle row, second right)

In 2022, the University of Liverpool, LFC Foundation and IntoUniversity marked the fifth anniversary of the IntoUniversity North Liverpool educational centre in Anfield. Since 2017 this partnership has created life changing educational opportunities for more than 1,000 children each year.

We are thankful to everyone who has championed the project and for your support that has contributed towards the impact and success of this partnership over the last five years.  In November last year we announced plans to open a second centre in autumn 2023. The original partners, together with Everton in the Community and the Steve Morgan Foundation committed to raise £3million over the next five years as part of a new Future Goals Campaign.

The estate of Caroline ‘June’ Ilott (pictured above) kindly gifted a legacy towards our new educational centre, which, together with the support of our partners, has allowed us to reach our fundraising target in record time and will help empower the next generation to realise their true potential through education. 

Today we celebrate the life of valued supporter Caroline June Annette Ilott, who was lovingly known as ‘June’ and described by those who knew her as a caring and happy person.  June took pleasure in her many interests including playing the piano, classical music, art and architecture and she also had a passion for travel.  Born in Highworth, Wiltshire, June would often tell relatives about her memories of the South Wales Hunger March in October 1936 - this being the last of the hunger marches which began in 1927.  These marches were a protest against high poverty and limited relief for the poor, which aimed to bring awareness to politicians in London.  June would recall how her family and other neighbourly residents gave food to campaigners as they passed by her childhood home Redlands, Swindon Road. 

During the late 1940’s, and despite her family facing financial challenges, June left the family home in Wiltshire, to attend St. Katherine's College in Liverpool to train to become a teacher The College, established in 1844 to train female teachers, has the motto: “In lumine tuo videbimus lumen” (in your light we shall see the light). June went on shine her light as a teacher, working abroad in Australia and latterly becoming headmistress of Greenford High School, Ealing, London where her students regarded June as a ‘friend’ who devoting her time to encourage their studies. Unfortunately, due to ill health June was forced to retire in 1982.

June sadly passed away in May 2020.  Having enjoyed the support of a loving family, June was inspired to make it her final wish to support students from low-income families in disadvantaged areas.

The University of Liverpool wishes to thank June and her loving family, Jean, George and Robert Farr (pictured above) who have thoughtfully chosen to benefit the Future Goals campaign through a gift in June’s Will.  

“As a family we would be over the moon to support the Future Goals project, but more importantly we know that June would have fully supported it too!”

Robert Farr

We hope to carry on June’s legacy by shining her light to enhance the lives of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds through the power of education, and her gift will be used to help fund the Future Goals project. 

If you are inspired by June’s story to consider supporting the University of Liverpool through a gift in your Will, please contact Carolyn Jones at carolyn.jones@liverpool.ac.uk.


Your gift could support life-changing, world-leading research into the biggest challenges faced by society, shape the student experience through capital projects and campus infrastructure, or fund scholarships, prizes and bursaries which allow students to study at Liverpool who otherwise would not have been able to. Your Liverpool legacy will have an amazing impact for generations to come, and help make good things happen.