Student stories: Mustafa

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Student Mustafa standing in front of the Victoria Gallery and Museum
Liverpool student Mustafa (MSc Strategic Communications)

Through our Student Fund, we are making sure that students of every background can come to Liverpool and make the most of their time here – so they can go out into the world and make a difference. From providing emergency grants so students can pay rising bills, buy essential equipment and books to scholarships for bright students fleeing conflict and turmoil, your support is changing lives. Read on to hear about what your support has meant to MSc Strategic Communications student Mustafa.

Before coming to Liverpool, Mustafa had a busy, productive life in Afghanistan: “I worked as a senior programme manager for Lapis Communication, which is the strategic pillar of Afghanistan's largest media group called Moby. I led the development and execution of communication projects that aimed to increase public awareness and participation in diverse thematic areas, including nation-building, elections, health, women's empowerment, and the peace process, among others.  In addition to my professional job, I also volunteered for two youth organisations, Youth Time and AIESEC, with a focus on empowering young people through leadership and global exchange programmes, as well as developing global citizens’ values”

Yet when the Taliban swept to power, Mustafa’s life was upended: “I was going through a difficult time as a result of rapid changes in my life, such as escaping the Taliban regime and contemplating an uncertain future in a new country. I was grateful to the French government for helping me leave Afghanistan and their consistent support, but I was worried about my uncertain future and the challenges of integrating into a new community while the path to my educational and career goals was blocked for some time. I was drowned in these thoughts in the streets of Paris when I received the email about the scholarship from the University of Liverpool. That was a thrilling moment full of joy. That was a relief and a great sign for getting back on track with my life goals.”

Thanks to funding from donors like you, Mustafa was offered a full scholarship to study Strategic Communications at Liverpool. Speaking of his experience he said: “I have thoroughly enjoyed my work and studies in the field of strategic communication thus far. I believe that these experiences have altered me for the better, as well as the communities I served. I am determined and optimistic about expanding my influence and knowledge in areas in which I desire to work. I hope one day I return to Afghanistan and use my knowledge and expertise to make a change in communities that need me the most.”

Mustafa added: “I prefer to call it an investment rather than a donation. Such supports transform a person's life, and through education, he or she can transform the lives of countless others, and this effect will continue. Therefore, this is a long-term investment in a noble cause. Such generous support is greatly appreciated, and I wish others to take part too.  As a recipient of such support during a difficult time, I will always remember the University of Liverpool and the individuals behind it. This kind act has inspired me to provide the same assistance to other students one day.”

To find out more about the Student Fund and how you can support students like Mustafa, visit our webpage.