Student stories: Julia

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Third year law student Julia

Through our Student Fund, we are making sure that students of every background can come to Liverpool and make the most of their time here – so they can go out into the world and make a difference. From providing emergency grants in times of unexpected financial hardship to bursaries that ensure income doesn’t affect opportunity, your support is changing lives. Read on to hear about what your support has meant to Law student, Julia.

After starting her studies remotely in 2020 because of the pandemic, when Julia moved to Liverpool for her second year, she was faced with financial difficulties that she could never have anticipated: "I had to focus on making money in order to eat, so my second year was full of working different jobs around the city."

When she was awarded money from the Student Fund, Julia said: "I felt so relieved. I was able to fill the fridge, get my laundry credit and most importantly finally not stress about my living conditions. The support was, and still is, life changing for me. I don’t worry about what I am going to eat, I can focus on uni."

With the rising cost of living, Julia can see students having to choose between essentials and their opportunities: "I remember in November last year I had been invited for an Open Day at Clifford Chance. Despite the fact that firm reimburses the cost, I had no money to pay for travel costs upfront and had to take an 8-hour bus to travel down for the event in London."

Julia has a message she would like to share with people who have donated to ensure students like her don’t have to choose between surviving and thriving: "Thank you, simply, thank you. The University community changed my life so much. I will be forever grateful for everyone who went out of their way to open doors for me. Even the smallest donations build up to make sure that people like me have an equal chance to make the most of every opportunity. Thank you for being there for me and thank you for giving me a chance to succeed in life, so I can become a person who donates to the University just like you guys. Thank you."

To find out more about the Student Fund and how you can support students, like Julia, visit our webpage.