In loving memory of Thomas Matthew Brown

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An image of Thomas Matthew Brown (BSc Hons Physics)
Remembering Thomas Matthew Brown (BSc Hons Physics 2005)

Today, we remember valued alumnus and physics fanatic, Thomas Matthew Brown (BSc Hons Physics 2005), through the kind donations of his friends and family, and the words of his wife, Kirsty.

"Thomas Matthew Brown, Tom to his family and friends, always had a thirst for knowledge. As a young boy he investigated everything, from exploring the handles on the doors at his parent’s hotel (by removing them!) to dismantling fireworks and building electronic circuits. Later, as a teenager he amazed his friends by building a full-sized hovercraft in the garage.

Tom took a break from his successful career in the Civil Service to attend Liverpool University to study his passion, physics, graduating in 2005. He took great pride in his knowledge of this subject and managed to squeeze his catchphrase “Trust me, I’m a physicist!” into most situations, before giving his incredibly accurate advice on everything from buying new shoes to planning a skiing holiday!

…we hope that in some small way we can support the scientists of the future. In loving memory of our “perpetual physicist” lost too soon, but kept forever in our heads and our hearts.

Despite suffering a severe subarachnoid brain haemorrhage in 2006, he demonstrated his amazing strength and determination and used his "recovery" time to gain a post graduate teaching qualification. He even took pleasure from his time in different MRI scanners by working out their operating capacity and discussing the inner mechanics of the machines with the radiographer. He experienced diagnosis, operation to discharge from hospital in two weeks.

His joy in everything scientific and technical was topped only by his pleasure at welcoming his beloved daughter, Saskia, into the world in 2016. Obviously, her first word was "Daddy", but by the age of two she was talking with him about "the Big Bang", "momentum" and "atoms"!

Devastatingly, in March 2019, Tom was diagnosed with a rare Pancoast tumour and despite his immense intelligence, strength and determination, he died four months later. The Tom-shaped gap in our lives is horrendous and overwhelming.

Our wish is that out of the darkness some light may shine. With our donation to the University of Liverpool, we hope that in some small way we can support the scientists of the future. In loving memory of our "perpetual physicist" lost too soon, but kept forever in our heads and our hearts."

The University of Liverpool is most appreciative to Kirsty, and all of Tom’s family and friends for their gift in loving memory of him, kindly donated during his funeral service. The gift in Tom’s memory was directed to the University’s Particle Physics Alumni Studentship Fund, where it has contributed to an annual prize which is awarded to first year PhD students of the Particle Physics group for outstanding work: a most fitting way to carry on Tom’s story.

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