Shreya’s story: “Time and words are not enough for me to tell you how much University has changed my life”

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Student sitting on a chair smiling
Shreya, MSc Business Analytics student

Every student, regardless of their background, deserves the opportunity to thrive and succeed. The University of Liverpool’s Student Experience Fund provides emergency grants to students who are facing unexpected financial hardship and creates new opportunities for students to make the most of their time in Liverpool.

MSc Business Analytics student and bursary recipient Shreya shares her experience of studying at Liverpool:

“The decision to pursue my masters in Liverpool was the best decision of my life. Being an international student, it was challenging to adjust to life in the beginning, however, each day has brought a new learning opportunity, I have had the chance to connect with students from different cultures and made lifelong friends.

Alongside my studies, I have a part-time job working as a student fundraiser. It's been a pleasure interacting with alumni, hearing their stories and memories. Each call I make is a learning experience as I hear about their career struggles, accomplishments, challenges, career journeys and advice. I have also seen and learned about the impact that alumni and friends have on the university, its students and research.

I am grateful for every opportunity that the University has offered me. From the bursary I received allowing me to study here, to the career opportunities I have taken part in to expand my knowledge and skillset.

Time and words are not enough for me to tell you how much University has changed my life and I wanted to thank you for the role you have played in this. Whether you have taken part in a telephone campaign, volunteered your time, or supported the University in another way, your support really makes a difference.

Thank you on behalf of students like me, who wouldn’t be here without the support from people like you”.

If you would like to find out how you can support students, like Shreya, to make the most of their Liverpool experience, please visit the Student Experience website.