COVID-19 Student Crisis Support Fund: Laszlo Jozsef Janoki’s story

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Student works in workbook in library

Since launching the COVID-19 Student Crisis Support Fund in May 2021, with your support the University of Liverpool has awarded more than 200 students with crucial funding. Launched to support the increasing number of students facing unexpected financial hardship as a result of the pandemic, your support has had a real impact on current students like Laszlo Jozsef Janoki who is working towards a law degree.

Laszlo said: "I was born in Budapest, Hungary, but grew up in Canada. In 2015, my family decided to move to the UK to help us pursue our studies. I left the UK for a week to visit my little sister in Hungary. Due to the sudden lock down, I was locked out of the country, lost my job and struggled to keep in touch with my professors."

"My financial situation became very complicated when I became an estranged student. After I was let go from my temp job, mentally speaking, I was very stressed and worried I would not be able to pay off my last month’s rent and I would be charged for any money I owed."

"I was awarded £650 by the University and its donors to help me with living costs in between jobs. This money helped me pay off my last month of rent in Liverpool which supported me tremendously. Receiving that money gave me time to recoup myself and find a job so I could fund myself during summer until my financial situation has gotten better."

Laszlo would like to say a massive thank you to supporters of the COVID-19 Student Crisis Support Fund: "Without this money, I would have not been able to pay my last month of rent on time, my house mates would have not received their deposits back on time and I would have gained interest on that owed money. With all this in mind, I would have struggled to find a job to then support myself financially. This extra money, even though not a very large sum to some people. It helped me put my life back on track."

On behalf of Laszlo and the other COVID-19 Student Crisis Support Fund recipients, the University of Liverpool is very thankful to all who have supported this campaign. The challenges of COVID-19 have presented themselves for longer than any of us deemed possible, this support is just as important now as when the fund first launched.

As we look to the future to expand this support, the Student Experience Fund will continue to provide financial support to students in need, as well focusing on maximising the opportunities available to students. Find out more and support here.