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Student Moises
Alumnus Moises Barbera Ramos (MPhys Physics, 2020)

The Name a Seat campaign invites alumni and friends to leave their personal mark on the new 400-seat Tung Auditorium at the heart of the Yoko Ono Lennon Centre. In another of our Name a Seat stories, we spoke to alumnus, entrepreneur and arts enthusiast Moises Barbera Ramos (MPhys Physics, 2020) who told us about his experience of studying at the University and what inspired him to name a seat.

Moises began his studies at the University of Liverpool in 2016. Describing his first memories on campus he said: “I felt at home and this is a feeling I will always carry with me. I felt welcomed by my classmates, professors, supervisors, and the University itself”.

Soon after arriving in Liverpool, Moises became involved in many of the extracurricular activities offered to students. One particular highlight for Moises was joining the Coding and Robotics Society, where he and a small group of society members were invited on a visit to China to present the latest robot designs they had been working on. Thinking back to this experience, Moises said: “The experiences I lived there, sharing space with a different culture and language has definitely impacted my view of the world and my search for adventures for the better”.

In addition to his contributions to the Coding and Robotics society, Moises is also a very keen physicist. He has undertaken research at CERN (the European Organisation for Nuclear Research) and at the University where he worked on analysing proton trajectories through the LHC (the Large Hadron Collider) and building Dark Matter models that have been used in the construction of a new £2m particle detector.

It was during this time that Moises developed an interest in entrepreneurship and set up two companies. Moises’ first company is centred around the smart-home industry, whilst his second company is a start-up which develops new medical devices using the latest technologies to reduce the X-ray impact in hospitals around the world.

For the best part of the last decade, Moises has also been heavily involved in the theatrical arts where he has worked as a professional magician, performing around Europe to more than 8,000 spectators. Moises’ performances have received international praise and awards and he still dedicates some of his spare time to performing in theatres.

When asked what inspired him to support the campaign, Moises explained: “We are contributing to the arts, a space where students can create and live art. In life, not everything is reduced to books, equations and politics, even though some of these are in itself art; at the end of the day we are humans, we feel and have emotions, and when these emotions can be crafted and exalted through means as simple as a music instrument, a poem, a performance…we are then contributing to humanity”.

We are incredibly thankful to Moises and all the supporters of our Name a Seat campaign who are enabling us to make the arts accessible to everyone.

To find out how you can play your part, visit our Name A Seat campaign page. 

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