COVID-19 Student Crisis Support Fund: Xinxin’s Story

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PhD student Xinxin Cao wearing graduation robes in front of the Victoria Building.
Xinxin Cao, PhD student (Department of Geography and Planning)

The University of Liverpool’s COVID-19 Student Crisis Support Fund was launched to support the increasing number of students facing unexpected financial hardship as a result of the virus. Since its launch, the campaign has raised more than £160,000 and awarded nearly 180 students with crucial funding during this difficult time.

One recipient of the Fund is Xinxin Cao, a PhD student within the Department of Geography and Planning, whose research focuses on deprived communities’ power in spatial and territorial plan-making. Xinxin said: "I’m near to completing my dream of receiving the best higher education in town planning in the world. The most exciting thing to me is working at a bright research hub with my colleagues. I love the job and like to share my knowledge with all the undergraduate students."

As a PhD student, Xinxin has been particularly affected by COVID-19: "My life and research strongly rely on my scholarship and other incomes, such as doing demonstrating jobs within the department. I always try to limit any spend so I can afford my flat rent and other medical needs, which result from my recent health problem."

Aside from the financial worries brought by the pandemic, the lack of a study space has also caused Xinxin stress over the last 6 months. Xinxin said: "I really wish to complete my PhD on time, but the current working environment is so hard for me. Not being able to study in an appropriate environment has affected my mental health."

Xinxin added: "I currently focus on my research from 8am to 9:30pm and do not have time to think about anything else. This funding creates a safe space to allow me to focus entirely on my research. This is the best news and the greatest help to me. Thank you very much for your donation; I really appreciate your kind and generous help."

On behalf of Xinxin and the other COVID-19 Student Crisis Support Fund recipients, the University of Liverpool is very thankful to all who have supported this campaign. As the new academic year approaches, this support is more important now than ever. If you would like to support the COVID-19 Student Crisis Support Fund, please click here.