University launches fund to support students affected by COVID-19

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The University of Liverpool has launched its COVID-19 Student Crisis Support Fund in response to the increasing challenges being faced by our students in the wake of coronavirus.

The Fund will provide much needed support at a time when an increasing number of students are facing unexpected financial hardship. The impact of the pandemic can be felt throughout our student community, with many students losing part-time jobs and internships as well as facing increased costs associated with home learning such as lack of study equipment and internet access.

Additionally, some students may be directly affected by the disease and/or have caring responsibilities for affected family members for which the fund will provide crucial support.

The Fund is part of the wider COVID-19 Emergency Response Campaign that was successfully launched in March and has already raised more than £360,000 in support of the University’s research into COVID-19 and its treatment thanks to the generosity of our alumni and friends.

 One international student explained the effect of COVID-19 on him and his peers:

Given the current circumstances, a lot of my friends have decided to move back home with their families and many have lost their part time jobs. At the same time, some of us have found ourselves in a ‘ghost’ city, as we cannot fly back to our home because we booked flights a long time ago for summer or because they got cancelled. It’s been a stressful time trying to think about how I will cover my living costs.”

How you can help

Any gift, no matter the size, will make a real difference to a student in need. Thanks to the generous support from Santander and a gift in will, we able to match-fund your gift, making your gift go further. To find out more please click here.