COVID-19 campaign donor stories: Sir Malcolm Jack

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Sir Malcolm Jack (Political Theory and Institutions 1967)

This week the University of Liverpool celebrated reaching over £200,000 raised for our COVID-19 Emergency Response Campaign. This incredible amount is the culmination of generous giving from over 300 individual donors. In another of our donor stories, we highlight one of these outstanding individuals, alumnus Sir Malcolm Jack (Political Theory and Institutions 1967).

Since graduating from the University of Liverpool in 1967, Sir Malcolm has had a fascinating and established career. After serving in all offices of the Clerk’s Department of the House of Commons, Sir Malcolm was appointed as Clerk of the House of Commons from 2006-2011. He has advised many Commonwealth parliaments and LEGCO, Hong Kong, where he grew up, and was appointed Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath (KCB) in 2011.

As an historian, Sir Malcolm Jack has written widely about the Enlightenment, Portugal and South Africa as well as contributing numerous articles and reviews to academic journals. Perhaps impassioned by his own experience within the field of research, Sir Malcolm Jack was inspired to give to the COVID-19 Emergency Response Campaign.

Sir Malcolm said: "At this time, with the global pandemic caused by the spread of coronavirus, it is vital that research is carried out urgently in leading centres of medical knowledge. The University of Liverpool has had a very long and distinguished record of medical research and training and is therefore well geared up to furthering our understanding of COVID-19, how it can be treated and how a vaccine can be developed. Please support the 150 experts there working on this vital research by giving a generous donation."

We are incredibly grateful to our alumni and supporters for their understanding of the importance and urgency of the COVID-19 research which is being conducted at the University. As an institution, we have a vital role to play in the global fight against the pandemic, and it is the generosity of our supporters like Sir Malcolm who help to make this happen.

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