COVID-19 campaign donor stories: Caroline Judith Basemera

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Alumna Caroline
Alumna Caroline Judith Basemera (MSc Global Human Resource Management 2012)

The University of Liverpool’s COVID-19 Emergency Campaign was launched just three weeks ago in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. In another of our campaign donor stories, we highlight alumna Caroline Judith Basemera (MSc Global Human Resource Management 2012) and look at what inspired her to support the campaign.

Caroline completed her online degree with the University in 2012 and now works as a Human Resources Practitioner in Kampala, Uganda. Caroline described how the COVID-19 crisis has impacted her workplace and led to her getting involved in the campaign.

“COVID-19 has spread across the globe like a wildfire and it does not discriminate across class, race, gender and political lines. I am aware of the impact of COVID-19 on the workplace, through losing staff and hence eroding our talent pools; social distancing which affects our sense of affection by being denied the opportunity to shake hands, hug and touch a friend/colleague and those juicy water cooler conversations which have all been affected. Hospitalisation and child care puts a strain on our employees.”

As a first-time donor to the campaign, Caroline said “I just had to be part of this campaign albeit in a small way, as long as it helps in the efforts towards bringing this pandemic to a halt.”

Alumni and supporters from around the world have come together to support the University’s vital research into the understanding and treatment of coronavirus, and the development of a vaccine. The campaign is also helping provide essential medical supplies for front line healthcare staff, enabling them to save lives without putting their own at risk.

The collective generosity of alumni and supporters like Caroline is what will help shape Liverpool and the world for generations to come. We are extremely grateful to our global community whose support is ensuring that we can continue to make advances in our research into the pandemic.

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