Gamma Scintigraphy (Bone Scan)

Gamma scintigraphy is a useful imaging technique for viewing boney structures, tracking fracture healing and diagnosing stress fractures and injuries of the pelvis, neck and back. This modality is invaluable when working up complex or multi-limb lameness cases.

The process works by injecting a radioactive substance that seeks out changes in bone. These can be viewed using a gamma ray camera, which produces digital images.

Horses are admitted the day before the procedure and assessed. An intravenous catheter is placed allowing safe injection of a radioactive substance (Technetium 99) which is accurately dosed by weight. The procedure usually takes a day, after which we care for patients in our isolation stables to allow radiation levels to subside. Horses can generally go home 48 hours after the procedure when they pose no radiation risk.

Images are viewed by one of our senior clinicians who will issue a report within 48 hours.