Computed Tomography

We are the only equine hospital in North West England to offer this advanced form of radiography, which produces 3D images of bone and soft tissue. 

The new CT system is unique in the UK as it is the only medical-grade, large bore, sliding gantry system available for large animal patients in the UK (the machine moves over the patient rather than the patient moving in relation to the machine).  The new system is also unique in being associated with a scissor lift platform to accommodate horse of all different sizes for safe and efficient standing CT standing. The stocks system is fully removable to also allow CT scanning of the limbs and neck under general anaesthesia.

It was installed at the equine hospital in 2018 and we had an official opening day with Lord Derby on the 1st October.

CT scanning is especially useful for planning reconstructive surgery and for diagnosing diseases of the head, such as head shaking, sinus disease, dental problems, nasal discharge and head trauma.

The scanning process itself takes minutes but the entire procedure, including preparation of the horse, usually takes a couple of hours. We use a custom-made platform and have three members of staff in attendance at all times for maximum safety.

Horses are sedated for CT scanning and can attend on an outpatient or inpatient basis. If you are a referring vet and would like more information or would like to refer a case for CT please call our office on 0151 794 6041.