Medical Services

Our specialist medical team is one of the busiest and most experienced in the UK. We are equipped to provide up to date treatment for a wide variety of emergency and elective cases.

Dermatology and Oncology

The hospital is a leading international centre in the research and treatment of equine skin disorders and cancers, especially in the field of sarcoids. Within dermatology we offer intradermal skin testing for allergy cases and immune mediated conditions.

In the field of cancer, our specialist internal medicine team has particular expertise in the treatment tumours affecting the eye. We are one of the few centres in the world to offer iridium wire therapy for treatment of tumours. We also offer laser surgery to treat various masses.

We use laser surgery to treat skin tumours such as sarcoids and squamous cell carcinomas. The heat produced kills tumour cells at the base or margins of tumour sites, helping to reduce the risk of recurrence.


Our specialist team provides medical and surgical treatment for equine eye conditions.

Extensive ophthalmic facilities and equipment allow for the diagnosis and management of conditions such as complicated corneal ulcers, glaucoma (increased ocular pressure), uveitis (ocular inflammation) and cancerous tumours of the eye.

We are also one of the few equine hospitals in the UK to offer surgical cataract (lens pathology) treatment and implants for treating uveitis.

Round-the-clock care allows close monitoring and the frequent drug administration required to treat horses with eye problems effectively.

Cardiology and Respiratory

Our veterinary surgeons work within one of the best facilities in the UK as regards the assessment of equine heart and respiratory problems.

State of the art ultrasound scanners and 24 hour and exercise electrocardiographic (ECG) monitoring allow accurate diagnosis of conditions such as heart murmurs, arrhythmias and exercise intolerance.

We can investigate respiratory disorders such as coughing, nasal discharge or abnormal respiratory noise using advanced diagnostic imaging modalities such as static or overground video endoscopy, radiography and ultrasound.


We offer a complete capability for the diagnosis and treatment of neurological conditions in horses, whether they are severe and life-threatening or subtle.

Our highly skilled clinicians undertake thorough and careful examinations to determine the nature of the disorder.

The hospital has extensive imaging equipment on-site and we have padded recovery boxes in which we can safely perform investigations such as myelography to assess nerve compression and spinal taps to assess cerebrospinal fluid.

We also have CT facilities for advanced imaging of the head and upper neck region, as well as electromyelography to assess peripheral nerve and muscle disease.

Laminitis and Muscle Disease

Our equine metabolic disease and obesity specialists have clinics for laminitis caused by underlying metabolic conditions such as Metabolic Syndrome and Equine Cushing's disease.

Clinics assess body weight, condition and endocrine function to get to the root cause of the laminitis. Once the diagnosis is confirmed, the team will provide personalised diet plans, with regular follow-up consultations that monitor progress.

Team members are active researchers in this field, working with both animal and human health and life science specialists, at the University of Liverpool and other institutions. Visit the clinic page.