Net Zero Maritime Energy Solutions

N0MES is delivering 52 highly trained researchers, skilled in the identification, understanding, assessment and solutions-delivery of pressing engineering and environmental challenges in maritime energy.

The problems addressed by N0MES are diverse, multidisciplinary and driven by scientific endeavour, national priorities and industry need.

With the support of the University of Liverpool (UoL), Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) and 33 maritime energy sector partners, N0MES PGRs are pursuing new, engineering-centred, interdisciplinary research to address four vital net zero challenges currently facing the North West, the UK and beyond:

Theme A: Energy generation using maritime-based renewable energy (e.g. offshore wind, tidal, wave, floating solar, hydrogen, CCS)

Theme B: Distributing energy from offshore to onshore, including port- and hinterland-side impacts and opportunities 

Theme C: Addressing the short- and long-term environmental impacts of offshore and maritime environment renewable energy generation, distribution and storage 

Theme D: Decommissioning and lifetime extension of existing energy and facilities