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Our EM Unit provides state-of-the-art EM and preparatory facilities enabling applications ranging from basic high resolution imaging of immuno-labelled samples through to frozen hydrated cryo-EM and 3D tomography.

Expert academic and general staff are available to provide support ranging from initial project discussion and planning through to training, application of techniques and assistance with data interpretation.

We are also interested in supporting applications by post-docs or potential research fellows to come and join us.

Please contact us to discuss your EM requirements.


The Biomedical EM Unit is committed to engaging with the public about our work. School groups are especially welcome, contact us if you would like to visit and learn more.




Latest news
3D-EM, SEM and TEM capabilities are all available.

Director: Ian Prior
EM Manager: Alison Beckett

Associated Research
Biomedical Science: Ian Prior, Michael Berenbrink, Bob Burgoyne, Mike Clague, Dave Fernig, Jim Gallagher, Malcolm Jackson, Liz Laird, Raphael Levy, Alan Morgan, Trish Murray, Steve Royle, Chris Sanderson, Violaine See, Alexei Tepiken, Sylvie Urbé, Andrea Varro, Rachel Williams,

Chemistry, Engineering: Mathias Brust, Andy Cooper, Matt Rosseinsky